Spicy Trail by Shipra Trivedi

Indian cooking is incomplete without the use of spices. The spices not only add distinct flavours to the dish but holds many health benefits. With the same theme, The book Spicy Trail by Shipra Trivedi revolves around.  The books talk about 26 different spices in 26 chapters.

My Choosy Picks from the book

Being an avid food blogger I always love to explore new things about food. I believe that food is the best stress buster. In addition, I always try to follow and promote healthy eating.  The book topic is my favourite where the author talks about 26 different spices in 26 chapters. Each chapter talks about one spice, its attributes, history, and ayurvedic benefits. In addition, the author also added a home remedy (Dadi Maa Ka Nuskha) using that specific spice only.

With this book, Author gives a brief about various spices like cinnamon, Mace, Nutmeg, Basil, Indian Gooseberry etc that are uncommon yet present in our food culture for ages. The significance and the healing properties of spices has been mentioned in the book. This book is a quick read for working women and motivate them to make a healthy wholesome food for the family. The book is also for readers who believe in fact-finding and want to know the origin and history of spices.

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Book Theme and Style of the book

The book Spicy Trail reflects author food experience, how she learned from her mother who’s an expert. The book introduces some of the important spices and open new world of flavours for readers.

The book talks about 26 different spices. And how these spices originated and the history related to them. In addition, the reader will also get insights into the ayurvedic benefits. This also brings curiosity in mind to think to try different spices and add a new flavour to our food. Through the book, I get to learn about added a home remedy (Dadi Maa Ka Nuskha) using that specific spice only.

Who should read the book

Spicy Trail – This book is for everyone who loves to explore more about Indian flavour and spices.

The best thing about the book

I love the theme of the book which introduces to 26 different spices of which most of us are not aware of. The authors writing style is crisp and flawless. The language is easy to understand and chic which makes the reading more intriguing. If you are an avid food lover and looking to explore more about Indian flavour and spices this book will be a good read for you.

What could be better

Though I love everything about the book if the author uses more evenness in text formatting will give more consistency to the book.

All about the woman verdict

I’ll definitely recommend this book to my readers. This book teaches a lot about Indian flavour and spices. Spices are part of Ayurveda since the time of Puranas and Vedas. Our relationship with spices is that old. This book makes us aware of the uncommon benefits of spices. As the knowledge about various spices is very limited. This book gives a brief about the spices, history and benefits. So this book is for everyone out there and changes your thinking towards Spices.

About Author

This book is written by Shipra Trivedi, who is a working mother and has a great interest in reading and writing. As a new age woman, she plays multiple roles in a single day. A homemaker at home, a manager in the office and a writer of wee hours. Shipra also loves to cook and her love for cooking made her bonding such stronger with spices that she wrote her first book on them. You can know more about the author at vibhuandme.com

Book Blurb

The author has participated in the A-Z Challenge this year. she chooses the theme to give a brief of 26 different spices in 26 chapters. Each chapter has one spice, its attributes, history, and ayurvedic benefits.

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  • July 31, 2018 at 9:57 pm

    Aaj ki generation k liye ye useful hai,kyunki nuclear family me reh kar itni details kahan pata hoti hai, kitchen me itna khazana chuppa hai, is se hi pata lagega n inki history bhi


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