Guide to your First Menstrual Period – Part 1

You must have many interesting stories with your The First Menstrual period. And at that time we had been wishing to have more knowledge about periods so that we can face it with more confidence. On my very First Menstrual period, I get very feared and associate it with illness 😛

If You’re a teen or your daughter or younger sister approaching towards her first period, Then this article is for you. Don’t get embarrassed about your First Menstrual period, It’s a natural phenomenon.

You probably wondering about your First Menstrual period. How will you feel, how long it will occur, how to take care of yourself, what personal care products to use, How to track your date, What kind of complications can occur?

Start with the basic Guide to First Menstrual period where we are talking about your period and clearing your confusion.

What is puberty?

Puberty is the process of physical changes through which your body matures into an adult body. Puberty usually occurs in girls around 10-14yrs of age. The occurrence of the First menstrual period is one of the signs of puberty or physical changes.


What did the First menstrual period mean?

With the Beginning of Puberty, Brain sends signals to your body to release hormones. Some of these hormones release every month for a possible pregnancy. This is called the menstrual period.

Every month, these hormones causes

  • Thickening of uterus wall lining them with blood supply and tissues.
  • The release of an egg from ovaries. This is called ovulation.


This egg moves down to the uterus for fertilization. Fertilization takes place when the egg meets the men’s sperm.

If the egg is not fertilized, pregnancy does not occur. As a result, Uterus lining breaks down and flows out of the body through the vagina.

The discharge of blood and tissue from the lining of the uterus is called as a menstrual period.

When will the first menstrual period occur?

Menstrual periods starts between 11-15 years with a mean of 13 years. But past couple of decades the period menarche age is gradually declining due to change in nutrition and environmental conditions.

What’s the duration of the periods?

The very first period usually last for a few days. The duration means is about 4-5 days. Anywhere from 2 to 7 days is considered as normal.

Also in the starting, your periods may be very light. The amount of blood loss is estimated about 20ml- 80ml with an average of 35ml. Nearly 70% of total blood loss occurs in the first 2 days.

What’s the Menstrual Discharge consists of?

On the first period, you may only see a few spots of reddish brown blood. The menstrual discharge consists of dark blood, mucus, fragments of cells and bacteria, enzymes.

How often will I get my period?

The first day of bleeding in one month to the first day of bleeding in next month is counted as the menstrual period. Once the Men’s started, it continues at the interval of 21-35 days. The average menstrual cycle is about 28 days.

How can I track my period?

Tracking your period gives you an idea about the pattern of your period and tells the approx date of your next period. The period can be track either using smartphone apps or use calendar. To track your period on a calendar, mark the days of your bleeding on a calendar with an “X.” 

Guide to your First Menstrual Period All about the woman


Count the first “X” as day 1. Keep counting the days until you have your next period. This will tell the duration of your period example last for 3-5 days as well it’s occurrence example how many days after your next period comes 21-28 days.

If you have any queries regarding menstrual problems then post your questions in the comments section will solve them soon 🙂 Do let me know what you learn from this post. And share with the teens and moms 🙂

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