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Lack of knowledge creates a large class to be prone to HIV & vulnerable diseases like Sexually transmitted diseases(STD’s) in India.As Indians are often reluctant to talk about Sex and Protection methods to adolescents because of the stigma associated with the topic.

This “reluctance” has laid a foundation for startups opportunity in the field of  “Sexual & Wellness” in India.

What is The Sexual Wellness?

Sexual wellness is a term used to describe products that are related to the enhancement of sexual health and experience. These products are used to enjoy and explore sex according to your will. Some of the products in this category include condoms, pleasure- enhancing devices, lubricants, vibrating rings, costumes etc.

As sexual wellness in India is witnessing a hike in consumption of sexual wellness products in many Indian States. As an indication to practice safe sex, there’s a steady increase of awareness about the use of sexual wellness products.

Many e-commerce webshops dedicate a whole section for “Sexual Wellness”,and this obviously creates a “niche” in the growth Sexual Wellness Market.

Sexual Wellness Market Development

The person feels highly embarrassed to buy sexual wellness products like condom etc from a medical store – it is a very common situation for everyone.Though sexual wellness products are available in throughout the market, but the stigma associated with buying sexual wellness products still persists. Many of them

Many of them feel uncomfortable while buying condoms from a shop. It is still an uncomfortable affair as well biggest nightmare for many. 

Immediate measures are required In order to rule out this reluctant factor, to enhance the knowledge about sexual wellness products, to ensure Indian men get habituated to use sexual wellness products in future to have safe sex.

This reluctant factor has been knockout by the e-commerce companies with the launch of “Sexual Wellness” market. With the motto that the customer no longer faces embarrassment while buying sexual wellness products Condombazaar is launched. : Knocking out the ‘Hesitance’ is an online condom shop to buy all stocks almost all brands of condoms available in India.  It also intends to educate & create awareness about the usage of Condoms.

The is easy to navigate and Buyers can choose from various brands by clicking dropdowns without any hassle.

Yes! allows hassle free buying of almost all sexual wellness products in India easily. Now there is No need to disclose your identity. You only have to place the order and condoms will be at your door step.  You can choose from variety of brands available and any quantity from


Why & what is its USP?

The taboo & embarrassment associated with “Buying condoms” is solved by by ensuring that buyers privacy is not compromised. 

India being a country with high incidence of AIDS and STD  people are more prone when they are involved in unprotected sex. It is identified that the embarrassment factor and lack of knowledge about protected sex are to be immediately tackled by educating & creating awareness about the usage of Condoms.So that Indian man get habituated to use condoms in future to enjoy safe sex. 

The site is conceptualized to provide an easy, yet effective solution to clear off the reluctant factor in buying condoms and allow men to order condoms as and when they want. The site ensures an easy access to condoms anytime with a click of the mouse. The site ensures complete discreetness from ordering to the transaction to delivery, everything is done without having to disclose your identity.

The anonymity is maintained even from the delivery person. Buyers details are also not featured on the delivery slips.Even when the buyer buys them online, There is no description about the sexual wellness products never appear in the Credit/Debit Card statements.  Also sexual wellness products comes in discrete packaging.Only the buyer will know that condoms are packed inside the box until the packaging is completely removed. has been running and serving the needs of Indians since 2009. The company delivers quality products. Well trained team evaluate the pack before buying them from condom companies to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Personal Lubricants & Sexual wellness 

Sex is a very-very private matter & so is the process of “sexual wellness products”. Buyers opts for brand that comes with USP. And on this factor  has a lead over it’s competitors,  aims to be “One stop shop destination for Indian consumers for buying condoms online”.  provides unique Variety of Durex Condoms from the category of Personal Lubricants products comes with a variety of flavors. 

Durex is a well known international condom brand known for its exotic range of condoms variety. Durex has been serving mankind and allowing millions of people enjoy the safe sex for many years.

Durex Condoms are specially made to maximize sexual pleasure and so much more than its traditional role of preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Lubrication is another special feature of Durex Condoms. Excess lubrication can make it sticky and lesser lubrication can make it painful and less exciting.  Each Durex condom comes with the perfect level of lubrication required for heightened pleasure during sex.

Customer can choose from the variety of Durex Lubriants like 


Durex Play Tingling Pleasure Gel
Durex Play Tingling Pleasure Gel
Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel - Sensual Ylang
Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel – Sensual Ylang


Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel – Stimulating Guarana Flavor  main aim to serve with full customer satisfaction & brings a revolution in  “Online sexual wellness segment” !! 

It’s better Safe than Sorry, use Condoms 

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