BreastFeeding Series – Part 4

In this series of  Breastfeeding we will learn Step by step description about Preparation , Management , Technique of Breastfeeding that is this breastfeeding series is on Counselling on Breastfeeding .

Disclaimer : It is highly recommended to concern your Doctor before implementing this Counselling series .


Technique of Breastfeeding

The mother & the baby should be in a comfortable position.

Feeding in sitting position :

  • The mother holds the baby in an inclined upright position on her lap.
  • The baby’s head on her forearm on the same side close to her breasts , the neck is slightly extended.
  • The infant’s mouth is wide open and chin touches the breast .
  • The infants ear , shoulder and hip are in one line and there must be chest to chest contact of the infant and mother.



Feeling in lateral position :

  • It can be followed in caesarean delivery or with painful perineum is carried out by placing the baby along her side between the trunk and the arm

Recommendation , don’t forget: All babies swallow varied amount of air during sucking . To break up the wind , the baby should be held upright against the chest and the back is gently patted till the baby belches out the air .

Caution: Artificial nipple is strictly discouraged as baby get confused between Artificial nipple and mothers nipples and lactation failure develops.

Hope I am successful in solving all your concern about Feeding infant . Do you still have any query ? Feel free to ask me over here . Looking forward to your feedback, thanks .

Breastfeeding is very important because it’s the best start for your baby. So follow your maternal instincts and your baby’s demands to make your breastfeeding experience a successful and enjoyable one!

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This post is for Day 29 of NaBloPoMo 


Refrence : DC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics

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