The Alphabets of Life by LANCELOT TREVOR QUADRAS

Life is like a roller coaster – with lots of ups and down. And in the rush of life, we have come across many many moments that are good or bad. We always wish to go back and change some decision in life. If we have changed some of our past decision our life would be much better. But what can we do, as we don’t have enough experience to talk mature decision in that phase of life? “The Alphabets of Life – For Mortals” talks about the rare and unusual words which are related to experiences and emotions we go through every day. And how these experiences can help someone to avoid making the wrong decisions.

My Choosy Picks from the book

Being an avid learner I always learn from my experience and prefer to make better decisions in the future. The book topic is my favourite where the author talks about various life experiences and make us think that life can be more beautiful with better decisions. This book talks about 26 words that hold a meaningful relation to everyday situations. Every chapter is intriguing and leaves us thinking that why we don’t do this in that part of life. I love that the author makes it crisp and flawless.

The different Alphabets holds special meaning like B is for Bulwark which means a defensive wall. V is for Vaurien which means good for nothing. O is for Obolary which means extremely poor. They are related to everyday life situations with a better approach towards life.

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Book Theme and Style of the book

“The Alphabets of Life – For Mortals” reflects author experience, how he learned from day to day experience and anticipated a better life by making mature decisions. The book leaves the positive impact on readers mind.

The book talks about the different possibility of everyday situations and how it can make our lives better for us and others. This also brings curiosity in mind to think differently. Through the book, I get to learn a lot of positive solutions to our day to day life.

Who should read the book

The Alphabets of Life – For Mortals – This book is for everyone who is looking for a better approach towards life

The best thing about the book

I love the theme of the book which leaves a positive impact on readers mind. The authors writing style is crisp and flawless. The language is easy to understand and chic which makes the reading more intriguing. If you are an avid learner and looking for motivation in life this book will be a good read for you.

What could be better

Though I love everything about the book if the author uses more evenness in text formatting will give more consistency to the book.

All about the woman verdict

I’ll definitely recommend this book to my readers. This book leaves a positive impact on my mind. Get to learn different life experiences and how a mature approach makes life a better place. And leaves fewer regrets for the future. How being selfless or selfish can make us a different person. And how we can be better by changing our way of thinking. So this book is for everyone out there and changes your thinking towards life.

About Author

The Alphabets of Life – For Mortals is written by LANCELOT TREVOR QUADRAS. He loves to listen to a lot of music, watch TV Sitcoms, Movies. He loves writing as he wants to be read by the world no matter how dumb or selfish they sound. You can know more about the author at

Book Blurb

The author has been writing for the A-Z Challenge since 2015. He chooses the theme was weird and unusual words. The words are funny or quirky and hold have a good meaning. According to him we all make mistakes or get lucky, we win and we lose. Whatever happens, helps us grow with experience.


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